Public Meetings

The I-70 PEL Study is much broader in nature than previous studies. Over the next year the study will identify transportation needs and solutions at a much higher level of analysis and public input. Specific projects will not be an outcome of this study. Rather, the study will focus on an overall vision framework for the entire corridor - a relatively new approach to transportation planning in this region.

Public involvement will focus on obtaining relevant information from the perspective of key influencers, regional stakeholders, public officials and members of the public - people who use the corridor everyday or whose businesses and communities depend on it.

To gather information from major activity centers, municipalities, elected officials and community representative groups, several working groups are meeting regularly to provide a broad perspective to the study. MODOT has convened two advisory groups - a technical advisory group (TAG) and a senior advisory group (SAG). Members of these groups represent key stakeholders along this section of I-70 and will provide valuable technical expertise during the planning process.

Given the number of municipalities that touch this regional corridor, public officials’ briefings will be held. Open house public meetings will also take place at key milestones to provide outreach opportunities for the general public. 

July 2018 Public Meeting Presentation and Handout:

July 2018 Public Officials Meeting Summary

July 2018 Public Officials Meeting Presentation

July 2018 I-70 Public Meeting Presentation

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Segment 3 Improvements

Segment 4 Improvements

Segment 5 Improvements



2017 03 Public Meeting Summary


The I-70 online survey was open for 90 days and collected 2601 completed surveys from people across our region.  The summary report of these findings is now available, and will inform the planning and environmental linkages report for this study.

MetroQuest Survey Report, Summer 2017