What's Happening

Traffic jamThe Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT), in partnership with Metro and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGCOG), is conducting a high-level study to look at what I-70 in the St. Louis Region is today, and to envision what I-70 can be in the future. Generally, the corridor will begin at the I-70/I-64 interchange in Wentzville through the New Mississippi River Bridge complex to the end of the express lanes in downtown St. Louis. The project will involve engaging the stakeholders in a collaborative manner to confirm a long-term vision for the I-70 corridor.

The study is anticipated to take 18 months.  The study team will gather public input throughout the study through surveys, meetings with advisory groups at key milestones, public meetings and through this study website. Stay tuned for updates throughout the study!

Below is our basic timeline of activities:


Envision70 Project Timeline